Hasbro Announces New Upcoming Television Show and Film Projects

Since Hasbro’s aqxision of eOne entertainment enterprises, the company has not released much information about upcoming projects. As of last week, Hasbro announced they have began working on a new Power Ranger connected universe for Netflix. The President of eOne stated that “it’s not just one show, it is shows followed by films, some kids’ programming”.

The new Power Ranges projects are expected to gain a lot of press.

Hasbro also announced that a Monopoly game show is in early stages of development for CBS. Additionally a Magic: The Gathering animated show is set for Netflix.

Hasbro reimagines the concept of a Monopoly game show after predecessor in cancelled after second season in 2016.

Hasbro has also made progress on two previous announced projects, a Clue series for Fox, and the big-budget Dungeons & Dragons movie (now currently in post-production). Several G.I. Joe projects are also reportedly in the works.

Promotional image for new G.I. Joe projects