Marketing Hasbro’s New My Little Pony Toy Line

On Friday, September 24th the new Hasbro movie My Little Pony: A New Generation premiered on Netflix. Hasbro has an extensive line of toys based on the characters in the movie. Surprisingly, Hasbro has not been pushing its new products or even promoting that the movie has finally been released. None of the advertisements currently running on cable or Facebook/Instagram even mention the new brand. I think this is missed opportunity for the company.

Some of the new toy products available from Hasbro’s new My Little Pony brand.

The only advertisements Hasbro is running currently are the same generic toy ads and Hasbro Pulse advertisements that they have been running since August.

Moving forward, I hope to see Hasbro at least uploading some clips from the movie on their YouTube channel and ideally, posting videos showing off the new toys.

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