The Exclusivity Of Hasbro Pulse

Hasbro Pulse targets a teenage and adult audience rather than marketing towards children. Through the Hasbro Pulse website, adult toy collectors are able to purchase and preorder collectible memorabilia without having to sift through all of the brightly colored toys targeted at a child demographic.

Hasbro Pulse takes its exclusivity one step further by offering a premium subscription for $50.00. It offers its members benefits such as free shipping, and access to select product drops. Although paying $50 to be able to have the opinion to purchase something may seem ridiculous to some, avid collectors are eager to pay the extra money for the change to get at the products first.

Subscription purchase screen for Hasbro Pulse Premium

One example of this would be the products revealed in the September 8th Star Wars Live Stream event. The products were made available for preorder on September 9th at 1:00 pm and by 1:05 pm many of the products were already sold out. Pulse Premium subscribers were able to preorder the new products before they were even live on the website.

Overpriced Star Wars figurine sells out.

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